3 Signs You Need to Hire an Electrician


3 Signs You Need to Hire an Electrician

If you own a home for a while, you’ll eventually run into some type of electrical issue. Your electrical system runs throughout your house and affects many of the other systems within your home on a daily basis. Electrical work is one type of home maintenance you never want to attempt on your own. This is why it’s important to call in a professional electrician if you see the following signs of electrical trouble.

1. Flickering Lights


This occurrence may mean you’re having an electrical issue that needs repair. Oftentimes, flickering lights or dimming lights are a sign that you have a breaker system that is overloaded. This is usually the case in a house that was built a while ago. Older homes were not built to accommodate the amount of electricity that modern families use on a daily basis. So, when the system is overloaded, lights will flicker. It’s a sign that the system is struggling to keep up with the demands for power. This can be a dangerous situation, though.

2. Tripping Circuit Breakers


It’s not that uncommon for a circuit breaker to trip every once in a while, but if this is a recurring problem in your home, you may need to have this checked out. A professional electrician can identify the cause of the breaker issues. Sometimes it could be an appliance or an outlet that has shorted out. This can create a fire hazard for your home and needs to be addressed quickly.

3. Warm Outlets


If you start to notice outlets that are warm or even hot to the touch, you need to call in the help of an electrician quickly. This is a sure sign of electrical problems that could cause fire hazards. This is usually the result of older electrical systems that cannot handle the power load of modern families. It’s a good idea to have an electrician come out and evaluate the load on your system to see if you need upgrades.

According to the EPA, 37% of electrical consumption comes from commercial entities, leaving the rest due to residential consumption, so it’s important that homes stay up to code with their electrical systems. When you’re in need of a professional, experienced electrician to ensure that your home is up to code, give Rhema Electric LLC a call!